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Hi, I'm Shanna

I help working moms find balance and confidence at work, home, and everywhere in-between, AND achieve their goals. 

I see you momma

  • You feel like you're constantly falling short.  At work... at home... everywhere else...

  • There's never enough time

  • Swimming upstream, drowning... all of the uncomfortable swimming analogies

  • Oh the mom guilt

  • Self care?  What's that?

  • Let's not even discuss what's for dinner...

  • Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Resigned.

It doesn't have to be this way!

You feel it, don't you?!

That's why you're unsettled.  Deep down you know that there IS a solution. 

What if you could...

Feel Confident at home, work, & everywhere in-between 

Uncover your true desires and live from that space

Accomplish your goals

Connect with your inner wisdom

Let me show you how

Book your free mini session to learn more

What my clients are saying

"Shanna has been incredible. Her ability to shine a light in places that are right under my nose - but a complete blond spot - has been a revelation. I’ve learned to see myself, my kids, my wife in a completely different manner. I can’t say enough about how much I’ve learned and grown. 


Shanna combines her caring nature with a very logic based approach. She teaches you to teach yourself. Sometimes you just need the freedom to remove your own baggage from the equation. 


If you want to change your perspective, start by truly changing how you look at things. Let Shanna show you how simple techniques can turn your mind into a tool that works for you, not against you."


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