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One Mess-up Closer to WINNING!

My daughter was devastated when she struggled to stand up on rollerblades. I LOVED it. She was TRYING. She was BRAVE. She kept going even though it hurt. I loved it because it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate that she was ONE MESS-UP CLOSER to figuring it out!

People! We have RIDICULOUS expectations for ourselves.

We expect zero mess-ups. We use mess-ups as proof we won't succeed. We're so afraid of mess-ups that we don't even try.

Imagine giving up 100 miles into a 1,000-mile road trip because you haven't reached your destination. It's laughable. And that's EXACTLY what we do!

Mess-ups are proof that you're showing up. Mess-ups are newly achieved mile markers! Mess-ups are guaranteed one step closer.

You don't get to know how many miles or mess-ups until you arrive, but you do get to know this:

You are one step closer.

You WILL arrive if you keep moving forward.

What if you're only one mess up closer!? At some point this is true. It might be closer than you think.

What could you accomplish if you didn't give up?

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